The Cycle

Since becoming a parent, the life cycle has revealed itself in so many ways. I spend most days in a circle. Performing the same routines over and over, day in and day out. 

I typically like routine, but some routines become…annoying. Picking up for instance. I have not in five years gotten used to it. The constant back and forth of toys, clothes, shoes etc. It is the most continuous portion of my life. 

I change out toys, I purge toys, I minimize clothing and shoes, yet the stuff still remains. I am pretty obsessive about having my living area cleaned up each evening before I go to bed. I have the kids help many days but some days when it has been hectic, I leave them out of it and don’t myself. Much faster not training someone else to do it. Talk about sloth mode! 

My living area has looked like this for over 24 hours now. This is not typical and is a testament to 1) how busy I have been and 2) how tired I am. My kitchen counter is a constant mess, but the living room floor being visible is my zen. 

My MIL is grabbing some new containers for me and I am going to be testing out a new toy idea. Thanks to my sister’s SIL. Putting the majority of the toys in bins and placing them in the garage, creating a “library” of toys. You must clean up one box of toys before getting another one out. 

Hopefully I can pull all of this together over the weekend and see how it goes next week! I have high aims, like I said, here’s hoping. 

Do you have goals for spring cleaning? Or spring purging? I thoroughly enjoy going through my house and getting rid of items. 

Here is to a happy weekend! If you live in the Florida panhandle, go check out the Word of South Festival at Cascades Park. Three days of literature & music! Should be very cool!


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