Potty Training

It might be time to potty train if:

Your child takes a wipe to themeselves in the middle of a diaper change. 

Your son strips down, takes off his diaper, wraps it up and throws it away before getting in the bathtub. 

Your child says yes when asked if they are pooping. 

Your daughter is saying “I stinky mommy! I don’t like poopy mommy!” In the middle of a diaper change. 

Your twins ask to sit on the toilet…but you tell them no. 

As a mother of four kids, one trained and three in diapers…the idea of potty training two children at the same time feels completely overwhelming. My twins will be three in January. They are both basically ready to be potty trained. I am not ready. 

Many people tell me that it is time, and I know this, but I have to be ready just as much as my kids have to be ready. For now, we are waiting for the holidays to pass before stepping foot into the world of panties and mattress covers. I am not looking forward to it all. Sure I am tired of constantly changing diapers, but the thoughts of wiping up pee or dealing with a kid who doesn’t like to poop on the potty…well it keeps me from starting. 

The likelihood of them being 15 and not potty trained is very slim, so in my mind, I have plenty of time. 

Until then, I will eat this tub of raw cookie dough and watch my son’s play on the bathtub. 

Peace Out…oh yeah, go vote!


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