Long Days, Short Years

As a kid, everything seemed long. Days. Weeks. Years especially so. As I have gotten older it has appeared to quicken and continued to do so after marriage. Nothing…I mean nothing prepares you for the speed changes when your first child comes along. Sure, the first year doesn’t go too fast while you’re in the midst of it. The lack of sleep and constant demands of an infant can make an evening feel like an eternity. 

Then it happens. You are throwing a birthday bash for a small one year old child that is yours. At least everyone is acting like it is yours. All you can do is stare at it thinking, “what the heck happened to the infant I was holding yesterday?”

Then you miss the days of infancy and talk about another. So you and your mate give it a go and one or even two come at once. Time warp. At three kids, your life moves into time warp mode. You can’t stop it and nothing will slow it down. 

Like I said, some of the days are long, almost too long but the weeks fly by. 

There are moments when I remind my husband, while also preaching to myself, these days go by fast. The days of the toddler wanting to curl up in your lap without prompting. (See photo below) Want you to watch every little dance move and to cheer at how they jump. It is hard to take it all in AND like it, especially for stay at home parents who are on 24/7. 

I hope you can take a moment today and just enjoy the moment. Relish the age of your children. Whether you are tired or angry or just put out. Breathe in the sweaty outdoor smell they seem to have and hug them as hard as their little bodies allow. For tomorrow….it comes all too quickly. 

The days are long but the years are short. 


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