Happy “Valemtime’s” Day!

For those of you who don’t know, which is most of you, my husband and I had our first date on VDay 7 years ago. It was actually a joke. I’m two years his senior and he is my brother’s friend. Eating at Chickfila with friends and home boy gets the bright idea for us all to go on a double date for VDay. The other two chose to do no such thing. I was all for it. What did I have to lose? Nothing. A free meal? Yes please.

Long story short, 7 years later and we are married with 3 kids. Crazy beautiful.

The past two years Valentine’s Day became a nightmare. We chose last minute to go to dinner and drove from restaurant to restaurant. 2013 we ate at some Italian joint we did not like. 2014 we ended up in the Jimmy John’s drive thru. This year we ate at our favorite Italian place…on Valentine’s Day EVE. Smart right? Still a 45 minute wait, but we picked it before leaving home and chose to stay through a wait.

Making the decision beforehand relieved stress. Sitting and waiting have us much needed alone carry on adult conversation time that we do not get at home these days. It was wonderful! I am so thankful for parents who live close and offer to watch the kids.

The past week has been the week from H – E – double hockey sticks! Three kids with pink eye, twins had ear infections and then the tot developed a cough cold yuck crud. Talk about momma needed a break! So even more so Friday night came and was most thoroughly enjoyed.

How was your VDay? Was it everything you hoped? Have you given up on receiving a romantic VDay? Personally, if my husband wasted money on a stuffed animal (aka dust bag) I would die or he would. Pending the mood. Ha! Kidding…or am I?

All that to say, Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

(How we spent the actual Valentine’s Day…BLOCKS!)



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