Being a stay at home mom…

It is the hardest and most rewarding job I know. I am never bored. NEVER. Sure there are slow days, but they are not boring. I am exhausted. I told my mother that my body is no longer recognizing sleepiness. Instead everything is a haze. I usual walk around in a haze. Imagine cotton balls in your head with gauze over your eyes and you can get an idea of how I am on a daily basis.

There are days when I get a clear moment of clarity and I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. This is usually following copious amounts of caffeine. Since the twins have been born, large amounts of caffeine end up in fits of anxiety. From brilliance to fear. The mind and body are a dangerous combination when caffeine is involved.

Anyway, since being a stay at home mom I have had more ideas of things I want to do than ever before. Create. Imagine. Dream. Inspire. I want to stimulate growth among moms in my area. Last night, I was on the verge of a major breakthrough of inspiration, then immediately following was a piercing disappointment for time is precious and I seem to have little of it. (As you can see it has been two months since updating my blog…and I write blogs in my mind everyday, mostly when driving which is not the best time to sit at a computer and compose.)

So as I wander about in my haze of a life and try my best to push my ideas forward, I begin to think about Starbucks. How a smooth iced caramel macchiato would be at this moment. Probably caffeine free as to keep anxiety at bay and allow sleep to come at a decent time.Then my thoughts travel to the movie that my tot is watching. Ella Enchanted. Many famous faces with a cheesy storyline. Meant for older girls, but my little girl likes the songs meanwhile asking me all the questions since she does not understand the plot of the story.

I will now bring my evening ramblings to end. Do you have a stroke of genius in mind? What do you do to push your dreams forward? Do you use technology or paper more?


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