When it hits too close to home…

Text messages at 1am are never a friendly sight in my home. At least not to me who is already awakened by hungry twins. My brother is letting us know there have been shots fired at the Florida State University library. Is Russell (my husband) safe? Is he at home? You see, my brother and my husband study every Wednesday evening at this library. They have been doing this all semester.

So why was my husband home on Wednesday evening? On the rare occasion, I asked him to skip studying this particular week. Wednesday would be our only free night at home with the family. The holiday season has already arrived and dished out busy schedules. At first he was reluctant since the semester has been a little stressful. He agreed to stay home. On Monday evening this did not seem like such a huge deal. Simply a little more family time.

There was no voice from God or a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach saying he should not go, but I won’t say that God didn’t have a hand on us. Though it seems all too coincidental that my niece be born and it keeps my brother from the library. One busy scheduled week to keep my husband home for the evening.

I am thankful. I am thankful beyond words. I am also praying. Others were not so fortunate as we. My heart and my prayers reach out to the victims. In times that we don’t understand, God is faithful.


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