There are times I will flip on the tv in an effort to distract my children. I do this while trying to cook dinner, clean or finish the laundry. If I don’t, it is as if one large and two smaller puppies are following me around the house. Today I did just this and I myself was sucked in to the movie that was airing. Ratatouille. I have always loved a good cartoon movie. So far it is cute and intriguing.

As I sit and watch, I prayed my smaller puppies would go down for a nap while the larger one snoozes away in her bed. No such luck. This day started extremely joyful and quickly developed into a storm cloud that spit hail over me. My brother and sister in law had their third daughter today.  She took her precious time as she was six days late today. Juliet Bree. In our family she is the sixth grandchild and she was born six days late, knowing her she may have done this purposefully.  This little girl makes my heart burst and reminds me why I love being a mother. Juliet is a beautiful baby girl and winning our hearts quickly.

See? Wasn’t that a wonderful morning? After promising my larger puppy a meal of Chickfila after visiting “teetee RayRay” in the “hopspital” we head that way. All proceeds as usual and the smaller puppies are begging to get down and crawl around. In the play area as I am putting the large puppy’s shoes on I hear my bitty girl pup crying or screaming rather. I pick her up and blood is pouring from her lip. Immediately my heart stops and I go into basic mom freak out mode. Long story short we went to two different medical facilities and no one could give an opinion without us checking in. By this time, there is no more bleeding and crying has subsided. Well crying continued on my part, but I suppose that is to be expected.

Now here I am. Sitting staring at my determined little one who continues to pull up on every piece of furniture. Don’t mind the busted lip, it doesn’t stop her.  I can only imagine that this is the first of many days where I am asking God for grace.

Ratatouille. I have seen the end and didn’t realize it. So sweet and cute. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

This is the first of many posts at my new blogging home. You can still read my pasts blogs at http://www.thediscovering.tumblr.com


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